What makes a community a great place to live, learn and grow old?

A change is upon us. By 2051, 1 in 4 Canadians will be 65 years or older. Older adults wish to grow old in communities where they have friends, families and the support they need to do the things they like to do. Our research helps make this happen. 

We identify strategies and actions that support healthy aging across different settings (e.g. home/community, home with supportive services, residential care) in the near, medium and long-term.

It takes a community of like minded people to find effective ways to add life to years. Ultimately, we hope to help fulfill one’s wish to grow old in a place that is your place, a supportive place, the right place.


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Centre for Hip Health and Mobility 
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The Documentary

Our researchers teamed with filmmakers to create a 19-minute documentary (and ‘discussion tool’) that addresses issues of mobility (the physical capacity to walk or move within communities), isolation and the question, ‘what helps people meet their daily needs and stay active, healthy, and happy as they age?’ 

By 2016, Canada will have more people over the age of 85 than under the age of 15 – for the first time in North American history! 

This demographic shift makes learning about our collective needs for healthy aging, more important than ever.